Solar Installation

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Solar energy is becoming one of the fastest growing industries. There are many careers in this industry but one of the most popular is solar panel installation. Getting solar panel installation training consists of exactly that, the installation of solar energy panels. Through this training you will gain the knowledge and ability to install solar energy panels in homes and businesses alike.


There are several parts to the solar energy system that you will learn to install. The main components are the solar energy panels themselves. They are also known as photovoltaic solar panels. They are designed to take in the suns rays and convert them into energy. When the sun strikes the panels the energy from the sun gets converted into electrical currents. Some systems have batteries that the currents go to for storage but others require the energy be used right away. Solar panel installation training with teach you the difference and about the variety of systems available.  

istock_000003896824largeMost all systems that are installed today will have batteries to store solar power. This allows users to not only get power during the hours the sun is not up but on cloudy days as well. Solar energy systems are increasing in popularity. They are extremely efficient in saving energy as well as better for the environment then other energy sources. Then there is the large amount of money that can be saved by utilizing solar energy panels. While there is an initial investment when the solar energy panels and system are installed, they will quickly pay for themselves.  Here are some basic solar energy facts:

  • Solar energy is one of the best energy sources for our environment
  • It can be used to produce electricity through the photovoltaic solar panels to heat water, power heating & air conditioning units and any other electrical needs
  • As the used of solar energy panels increases the demand all over the world increases
  • Solar energy power is measured with 1 kilowatt equaling 1000 watts
  • A 100 watt light bulb utilizes 1 kilowatt per hour
  • In 1999 it was estimated that the average American household will use about 866-kilowatt hours per month in 1999 costing them $70.68 with this number being much higher now
  • 30% of this usage being to simply heat their homes

There are a variety of solar panel installation courses and training programs available through out the country. They range from small courses to complete training programs. In these courses and programs you will learn how to install solar systems as well as how to repair, maintain and operate them. These courses and programs are vital for learning about solar panel installation whether you want to enroll in them to start a career or to simply install one in your own home or business.

Boots on the Roof, a leading Renewable energy training institute, is enrolling students into its Solar Energy and Wind Power Training classes. For more information on qualifications, Training Dates and Locations, click here.