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Green Jobs Ready: Fostering a Green Economy

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It doesn't take long on the job market to discover a scarcity mentality permeates the job search process; postings on job boards are thinner with each passing day. For the few good jobs that are advertised, it draws three, five, even ten times as many applicants as they did two or three years ago.

istock_000004633733smallThe same is true about job fairs; fewer companies are willing to go through the time and expense of setting up booths at traditional career and internship fairs, and those companies that are represented at job fairs have fewer jobs to offer.  Even worse, positions that were once entry level are now offered as unpaid or low paying internships, if at all.

Since the recession, many traditional employers are still buttoned up tighter than Punxsutawney Phil after he’s seen his shadow on Groundhogs day. No wonder people engaged in the job search feel surrounded by an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

GreenJobsReady.com is a complete departure from that atmosphere. There you’ll find a virtual portal of easy-to-access information, with everything you need to know about jobs and careers in the developing green economy ~

  • What kinds of jobs are considered “green” jobs?
  • Where you can get training for the positions you’re interested in?
  • How and where you can find employment when you’re ready to start looking?

GreenJobsReady.com isn’t just about information, either.  It includes a multitude of resources at your fingertips, with access to:

  • The Green Job Board (for both employers and prospects)
  • Contractor Profiles and Projects
  • Environmental Articles/Blog

 . . . And so much more!

Want to find out about grant money for training in environmental fields? Want to know what Washington is doing to support environmentally responsible business?  Ditto. GJR offers information and opportunities for people at every level of employment experience in any stage of their careers.

Sci-Fi Solutions for Solar Power Generation

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Solar energy is able to provide 5,000 times more energy than the current consumption level. So far, people don’t use solar power as much as they could, but things are about to change. In fact, solar power generation has become more accelerated in the past years, partly because the development of new technologies.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 June 2010 21:44

Innovation Strikes with Solar Electric Power

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Do you know why ancient people worshiped the Sun? Since antiquity, people have attributed mystic values to the sun and mirrors. Today, researchers have managed to merge the magic of mirrors with the power of the Sun, bringing us solar electric power. 
Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 June 2010 21:41

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