Innovation Strikes with Solar Electric Power

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Do you know why ancient people worshiped the Sun? Since antiquity, people have attributed mystic values to the sun and mirrors. Today, researchers have managed to merge the magic of mirrors with the power of the Sun, bringing us solar electric power. 

istock_000006704674mediumIn  the south of Spain, over a thousand mirrors were positioned to capture solar light and to transform it into solar electric power.  Each mirror was the size of half a tennis court, but the project was very promising. Over 20 MW of solar electric power was produced and sent to 11,000 homes in the nearby area. The mirror ensemble is part of the largest solar panel tower in the world

Jose Dominguez Abascal, the executive CEO of the Spanish company who had developed the project declared: “Solar radiations that reach the earth surface are 10,000 times more powerful than the global energy discharge.” 

This is the most efficient and affordable technology for capturing solar energy. Solar electric power has immense potential for future centuries, especially since the traditional sources of energy are drained with every day that passes by. 

As solar power is gaining strengh in numbers (installations and usage), the demand for skilled labor and expertise in the field is also exponentially growing. Add to that the growing income levels of people working in these Green careers in California, and you have a cash cow technology which is sustaining long term green careers for millions of people.

The solar technology developed by the Spanish company used mirrors to capture sun radiation. The resulted energy is reflected on the top of a 160 meter tower positioned in the middle of a field. The concentrated light is used for heating water at over 1000 degrees Celsius. The resulted steam is used to feed a turbine that generates electricity. As you see, the sector dealing with solar electric power is constantly developing, under the positive sign of innovation. 

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