Clean Tech Stocks

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Clean Tech or cleantech stand for clean technology. These are technologies that are considering the environment in what makes their company operate and perform at its peak productiveness and efficiency. At the same time it is reducing the over all cost and use of energy, wastes, pollutants and inputs.

There are 6 kinds of industries that are considered a clean tech industry including: energy, water plus waste water, advanced materials, energy efficiency / manufacturing, transportation and agriculture. The largest clean tech industry is green energy. The various types of companies included in this clean tech industry are solar, wind and hydro power plus geothermal energy and bio fuels. These are also the ones that have the largest job growth.

The stocks that are issued by the companies are known as clean tech stock or green stocks. The biggest type of clean tech stock that is traded right now is Green Chip Stocks. They are the largest because they are predicted to be what will accelerate the first profit trend that has a real social bearing that the 21st century has ever seem. The transition of the current market is happening quickly.

istock_000006774757mediumThose individuals who only worry about profit and the bottom line are a dying breed. New wealth is now replacing it with individuals who see the benefit in coupling social and environmental impacts with economical performances. What this means is that those companies that choose to be more energy conscience and adopt practices that do not harm the environment will be the most profitable and invested in.

The government has begun to understand the importance of promoting investment in the clean tech industry and in companies that are part of the clean tech group. There are many bonuses being offered by the government to companies that choose to go the clean tech route and for individuals who invest in them through clean tech stock. These incentives are given mainly through rebates and tax credits.

The most beneficial reason to invest in the green technology stocks is because when companies realize that being part of the clean tech group can be profitable they will strive to take the steps to meet the requirements by having less of an impact on our environment and assist in keeping the Earth safer. There are many clean tech stocks out there but the top three best alternative energy stocks to invest in for 2009 include:

1. The Algonquin Power Trust Company: This company has two streams of income. The first being power generation and development through renewable and thermal energy. The second being utilities services through water distribution and waste-water treatment.

2. Cree, Inc: A leader in the LED lighting industry.

3. General Electric: One of the largest global infrastructure, finance and media companies.

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