Bay Area Solar Training Grows After Green Pact Between Cities

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Last summer, the bay area efforts to support the green movement and the economic recovery were sealed with a pact. Cities in the bay area, including Oakland, Santa Clara County and San Francisco, joined their efforts to create a regional support against the greenhouse effect, and the irrational consumption of natural reserves.


istock_000005027131small  san franciscoThe attempt to fight climate change includes many actions meant to coordinate the cities policies regarding the use of renewable energy. In addition, the bay area solar training opportunities will grow exponentially in order to satisfy the demand for green jobs in the region.

Considering the fact that the bay area is near the ocean, the authorities’ plan is to prepare for the impact of climate changes, such as rise of the ocean’s levels. In this direction, some of the approved measures are:

  • Lowering carbon emissions;
  • Decreasing water levels;
  • Increasing the production of renewable energy;
  • Take protective measures to increase resiliency to the impacts of the climate changes.

The subject of bay area solar training was also discussed, because the group plans to create up to 20,000 green jobs by 2013. Several companies and nonprofit groups have offered to support the bay area solar training plan, but government grants and additional support is expected on the way.

istock_000005123430mediumGoing green doesn’t come cheap and it definitely needs more than one person to start things off. Even if the plan will take few years to produce results, the long term benefits will pay off. Implementing solar systems or wind turbines may be expensive at first, but think at all the green jobs it will generate. Technicians, manufacturers, installers, sellers and even accountants or human resources jobs – the green sector includes a variety of positions available. If you don’t want to enroll in a bay area renewable energy training program, don’t worry: there are plenty of non-technical jobs you can find. However, bay area solar training opportunities are excellent, and they can get you closer to a stable, well-paid job.


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