Why Green Careers in Geothermal?

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Green careers in geothermal energy production are on the fast track to great importance, and therefore great pay for those who get involved. Green careers in geothermal energy production are sharply on the rise because geothermal energy production is one of the hottest (pun intended) new technologies in the minds of industry/ government planners today. Geothermal energy is green because it unobtrusively captures energy that simply radiates naturally out from the Earth. This energy, which radiates in the form of heat rising up from the Earth's core, would otherwise be useless.

One of the leading green careers in geothermal energy production is that of Geothermal Operations Engineer. An engineer in a geothermal plant has the responsibility of making sure the mechanics of the plant are running smoothly overall. He must collect data about the well field and performance of the plant and then process this data accordingly. If there are problems with the well or other aspects of the plant, the Operations Engineer needs to diagnose them and create a solution for the problem.

To become a geothermal operations engineer you need to have at least a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. Of course, having a Master's Degree in Engineering would give you a competitive edge. You will also need some experience in the field, perhaps as a petroleum engineer or a resource engineer. A degree in Resource Engineering can get you in the door with geothermal engineer careers, too. You should also have good working knowledge of running advanced computer programs, operating machinery, thermodynamic principals, and the principals of electrical power generation. Personally, you should be able to get along well with others and be able to work well under pressure while remaining self-motivated.

Another one of the leading green careers in geothermal energy production is that of Geothermal Installer. These professionals are in great demand and geothermal production companies are having a hard time finding enough of them, even during a rough economy. Geothermal installers have to be very handy people. Often they run their own geothermal installation small business and are thus business savvy (very important for dealing with customers), and usually their primary background is in HVAC installation. When it comes to the well field hole drilling for geothermal energy, this is actually a separate industry. The prerequisite HVAC certification for becoming a geothermal installer requires about two years.

The third among the leading green careers in geothermal production is that of the hydrologist. Hydrologists research the movement of water. This means rivers and streams as well as rainfall and even water run-off. Why would hydrologists be an important fit in the world of geothermal energy production? They provide consultations about how much energy a given field would be able to provide. Furthermore, they are needed if someone wanted to develop a new geothermal production facility that would heat water or be used to desalinate water. A hydrologist needs a four year college degree, preferably in some science.

These are just a few of the leading green careers in geothermal energy. There are even more opportunities available.