Why Green Careers in Geoscience?

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Green careers in Geosciences offer exciting possibilities for money and personal fulfilment and they may be the most diverse lot of all the green careers out there; at the forefront of discovering and figuring out solutions to many problems and dilemmas that we face in the 21st century.

We, as human beings, are growing up. We create great new technologies, cities, homes, machines for transportation, advanced medicine, and so forth. Yet, we make plenty of mistakes, as children do. We sometimes glide, but often stumble forth, causing damage to the environment. And whatever's not good for our environment is definitely not good for us. Green careers in Geosciences offer scientifically minded people the opportunity, with good pay, to solve the problems of humankind’s awkward adolescence.

It is mind-boggling to think of all the opportunities a green career in Geosciences offers. Here are just a few:

• Predicting Earth's natural systems behavior

• Understanding Earth's global climate patterns

• Finding adequate supplies of precious metals, ground water, and petroleum

• Helping to strike the needed balance between the demands for natural resources and the need to manage natural resources in sustainable, clean ways

• Maintaining agricultural productivity while conserving soils

• Developing natural resources in harmony with the environment

• Predicting the impact of human activities on various natural environments

• Helping to maintain the quality of our water supplies

• Reducing economic, physical, and emotional suffering of human beings from natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis


In fact, the number of titles that you can find that accord with green careers in Geosciences is staggering! What follows is a list of such titles:

• Atmospheric scientists

• Economic geologists

• Engineering geologists

• Environmental geologists

• Geochemists

• Geochronologists

• Geologists

• Geomorphologists

• Geophysicists

• Glacial geologists

• Hydrogeologists

• Hydrologists

• Marine geologists

• Marine biologists

• Meteorologists

• Mineralogists

• Oceanographers

• Paleoecologists

• Paleontologists

• Petroleum geologists

• Petrologists

• Planetary geologists

• Sedimentologists

• Seismologists

• Soil scientists

• Stratigraphers

• Structural geologists

• Volcanologists

Attaining a Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Geosciences is sure to get you into one of the countless green careers in demand today. This fantastic investment in your future would ensure job stability. As a continuously advancing society, we are more aware about how our activities as human beings interact with the natural environment. A growing population and a growing awareness of science and technology have spurred us on to create a greener future and call on specialists in the Geosciences to show us the way to a more sustainable future.

You can follow the links to check out more about green careers in geosciences and make your professional future filled with excitement…and that other green stuff!