Not All Energy that comes from the Ground is Oil

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istock_000002183485xsmallThe production of geothermal energy currently generates electricity and heat in direct agricultural applications plus residential and commercial heat pump systems.

This renewable energy development has not received the attention that wind and solar have but one should not be too quick to diminish the importance of geothermal energy as a big player in the world of green energy.

Alta Rock Energy is a new bee in the EGS field (Engineered Geothermal Systems) that was started in 2008.  Considered a renewable energy development firm that is leading geothermal into Phase II of an up and coming geothermal era that removes the ‘dry hole' risk, Alta Rock has patents pending on technology that will allow placement of geothermal usage to be available on sites not possible with the conventional hydrothermal geothermal of today.

Claiming that as much as 20% of the country's energy can be realized by 2043 with a new system that extracts geothermal power from deep bedrock, Alta Rock Energy is a company to take seriously in the renewable energy development arena.  As proof becomes available, jobs will be spawned in not only areas of geological study but energy management and technical skilled labor for testing and measuring precise chemical and mineral content of soil.

Entering the area of renewable energy development has never been better than it is right now with geothermal and the advancements that are being made.  Find out more about Alta Rock Energy by visiting their website and read their news releases at  This is a great opportunity for those interested in the earth, its natural state and discovering the presence of power alternatives to replace oil.