Green Jobs in Wind

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When it comes to finding environmental science jobs involving clean technology, one of the available fields where you can find several opportunities is the wind and turbine field. These positions are basically jobs that require people to work in and for wind farms, developing and maintaining the technology necessary to keep this type of green, clean energy alive.istock_000005367744small

The first of these environmental science jobs is a wind turbine machinist. These are production machinists that specialize in making wind turbine parts. Green corporations that manufacture wind turbines use machinists to product the metal and plastic parts needed for the turbine. A machinist will be reading blueprints, selecting the right tools and equipment as well as drilling material such as steel, titanium and aluminum.

A wind analyst, however, does not work with physical parts for wind farms or turbines, but rather studies the meteorological aspect of it all. These professionals use specific scientific models to measure the amount of wind flow. They also are deeply involved with planning and developing wind farms since their expertise is of utmost importance.

Wind energy technician jobs can also be found on wind farms. These are the people who maintain the wind turbines, which mean that a mechanical and electrical understanding is needed. Working with individual turbines usually involves climbing ladders and stairs, which means that a wind energy technician needs to be unafraid of heights.

As you can see, multiple environmental science jobs exist in the wind and green technology industry. In addition, the growth of this field will expand as green technology becomes more and more popular.