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Clean energy and alternative energy jobs pay 10-20 percent more compared to similar work not tied to this growing green sector.

The total federal stimulus puts $20 billion dollars into the green job sector, and this job sector is expected to employ 5 million people. Green jobs training programs will create higher paying jobs for a growing market and occupations that were adversely affected by the economy will have alternative choices. Solar and wind technologies have already seen an increase in demand as more homes are installing solar panels, wind turbines and generators that produce their own energy and sell the excess back to the grid.

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"The Solar Boot Camp was extremely well-planned and executed, equipping its students with the tools to implement technical skills in this industry. The teachers applied the topics in a practical manner related to their combined real-life experiences lending creditability to the course. Hands-on lab work with top of the line components provided an extremely realistic learning environment."

Paul H, Solar PV Boot Camp

"A very impressive product that has been professionally & comprehensively demonstrated over the duration of the course; I can sincerely recommend the course & training to any prospective student."

Greg W, Solyndra Integrators Course - Norwich, UK

"Solar information provided was very thorough. I would recommend this class to Marketing professionals such as myself. The opportunity for Sales & marketing in the Solar industry are unlimited."

Mark G, Solar for Sales Professionals Boot Camp

"I'm glad I picked up the Master Certificate program among other nationwide classes. The hands on approach helped me understand the fundamentals of solar and wind energy."

Adrian M., Master Certificate in Renewable Energy

"If I was asked to rate my experience, training, & education quality of Boots on the Roof on a scale from one to ten, ten being the best, I would give it a 20. Without a doubt this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. In six days I feel I have gone from a solar dummy to a solar pro. Really, the quality of education at all levels has been exemplary. If a student is thinking about a course in solar then this is the "Stanford of Solar". Real hands on experience coupled with great instructors is a win-win for all. Thank you Boots.."

Jay A, Solar PV Boot Camp

"We covered a tremendous amount of work in 1 week. The lab (stripping down a turbine) was fantastic. I began class with almost zero knowledge and now feel empowered."

Frances Y, Wind Energy Boot Camp

Solar Thermal H-Lab

Solar PV Boot Camp

Solar PV Boot Camp

Solyndra Integrator Course

Wind Training Class Room

Solar PV Boot Camp

Solar PV Boot Camp

Solar Thermal H-Lab

Wind Training Boot Camp

Wind Training Boot Camp