Solar Energy Training

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Solar energy is one of the many renewable alternative energy sources that the world has to offer. Using solar power electricity is becoming increasingly popular not only for the energy and money savings but also because it is better for the environment than burning through all of our fossil fuels.


istock_000003739661xxlargeresized 424x324The solar energy industry has many careers available solar energy installation, maintenance, and tests. There are careers available as operators of solar energy systems as well performing energy audits. Learning the skills needed to do these careers and to get employers to hire you is coming easier as solar energy use increases.

The odds that there is a college or technical school near your area that offers solar energy courses and complete training programs is very likely. All over America and abroad such places are reacting to the increased demand for properly trained individuals to fulfill the many career positions within the solar energy industry. They have responded to this demand by creating comprehensive solar energy courses in their training programs.

The demand is so high in the solar industry that most students who enter into solar energy courses and programs find themselves with job offers even before they graduate.  Certificate programs in alternative energy have many advantages. A certificate proves to your potential employer your expertise in the career of you choice. This will give you more qualifications and employers are going to choose the candidates they feel are most qualified. If you want to design and manage solar systems you may want to think about persuing an even higher certification or degree.

Your earning potential after graduation will depend more on your own perseverance than anything else. Getting Solar certified will open doors. When directors of training programs are questioned about what their graduates are earning you will get a wide range of answers. Solar energy technicians can earn anywhere from $28,000 to $60,000 a  year, depending on what level of education they receive, where they are located and what level of position they hold.  Larger companies are going be able to off technicians a wider range of benefits including health care, sick leave and 401k to name a few.

Boots on the Roof, a leading Renewable energy training institute, is enrolling students into its Solar Energy and Wind Power Training classes. For more information on qualifications, Training Dates and Locations, click here.