Residential Solar Power Panels

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istock_000003896824largeResidential solar power panels used to be extremely expensive to the point that it would be impossible to regain your investment even after the reduced power bills from the use of solar energy. While there are still custom residential solar power panels like those that are virtually indiscernible from regular roofing tiles that are still very expensive, the new and more efficient solar panels are much cheaper than ever before in history. Add to the reduced costs of residential solar power panels the many government subsidies that are available including energy grants and tax breaks and solar energy suddenly becomes a very affordable energy option. Not only is it possible for a homeowner to save money on their utility bills, these days many of the more efficient residential solar power panels will actually pay for themselves even without the added benefit of free government money.


The installation of residential solar power panels is much easier, more aesthetically pleasing and also less expensive these days as well. New and improved solar panel designs have made the new residential solar power panels lighter, more aerodynamic, smaller and requiring much less of a structure and support base to mount them on the roofs of most homes. This means that converting your house to solar energy in order to save more money on your utility bills is no longer going to require the services of an entire crew of contractors and a team of workers and maybe even a crane in order to get everything set up for your home solar conversion. In the old days it may not have taken quite that much but still, the installation of the residential solar power panels of old did require a lot more work, more steel and even more money than the new, smaller and more efficient solar panels today do.


These days, it really does not matter if you are converting your home to solar power to save the environment or to reduce your carbon footprint or even just to save money on your power bills, the new and improved residential solar power panels with the help of government subsidization can make this dream a reality for almost any homeowner now.