Training and Education in the Wind and Solar Energy Industries

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There is an overwhelming need in our country for people who have advanced educations in the renewable energy industry. Not only is the demand for this energy higher than ever, those professionals already in the field are nearing retirement and suitable replacements will be needed. It is estimated that there will be over 100,000 positions to be filled.

Wind energy education is needed for all areas of the industry. To be hired for the research side of wind energy it is recommended that you have an engineering background and education. Although having an advanced science degree and training coupled with determination can land you the job as well.

There are several options if you want to get specific wind energy education. There are many schools in the US that are now offering degrees specifically for wind energy. Also they have labs that do research that can be great experience for those wanting to enter the industry. When getting a wind energy education you have a better chance to go directly from college to a job after you graduate.istock_000005132168large
Solar energy education is also flourishing. Educational institutes have recognized the need to included solar energy education programs due to the increased need for well training professionals in the solar energy industry. There are programs that offer certificates all the way up to four year degrees and beyond.
Solar energy education is not only for those looking to start a profession in the industry. Many homeowners are getting solar energy education to learn how to install and maintain solar energy systems for their homes. There are basic courses designed for these individuals. These programs will teach them the basics of how to install a variety of solar energy systems, the state codes they must follow and the specifics for their area. They also teach them how to be able to repair and maintain all part of their home's system.

For both industries Engineering degrees are very valuable and these professionals are in high demand. Also degrees that focus on research and development have growing demands as companies are looking to make wind and solar power more efficient. An environmental internship can be an addition to either solar energy education or wind power education programs. Internships allow you to prove that you can be a valuable player at a company. It will give you invaluable experience and additional trainings that will give you the edge over your competition who are entering the solar and wind industries.

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