Wind Energy and the Need for Wind Training Education

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As our favored source of energy, the oil fields begin to shrink and the complications on the world scene intensify, we have come to realize that it’s time to do something about an alternative energy source. Wind technology is available that already has begun to make a dent in our energy needs. Funds are being poured into this alternative energy source hoping to make it a viable option. Unfortunately, the work force with wind training is very limited.

Venture capital has become available for green energy production by the billions. They know it is time to make a change in the way we use our natural resources. 86% of all venture capital has been put toward alternative energy sources. They know that the time is ripe for wind and solar energy to take a bite out of the need for traditional oil energy sources. That is why wind training schools are in huge demand.

istock_000002928310mediumresized 283x424Wind technology is evolving rapidly but the educational system is struggling to keep up. Wind Training in community colleges, technical schools and schools developed just for this purpose are offering intensive training in this field as the demand has increased. Demand is high for this type of education. State schools throughout the country are jumping on the band wagon in an effort to meet the demand.

In our unstable economy there is one field that seems to be surging and that is the field of wind technology. Those who choose to go through wind training to secure a job as a wind technician, engineer or any job in this area are guaranteed a job that pays well. There are more jobs than there are people trained to fill them. Therefore, the pay being offered to those who have wind training is top dollar. Starting pay is as high as $30 an hour and with the right training and skills, a three figure salary is within reach.

For those interested in obtaining wind training there are several options. A handful of colleges are now offering two and four year degrees in renewable resources. Community colleges and technical schools are beginning to offer certificate programs for those interested in becoming wind technicians. Another option is to receive training through a private company. Smaller
wind energy training boot camps are springing up to fill the gap.

This wide open field has not finished growing. The need for wind energy and people with wind training is expected to continue to grow over the next decade. Undoubtedly our education system tries to keep up and expand their offerings as the demand increases. As the economy shifts, the people who are losing their jobs in one slowing industry begin to seek training in growing industries; educational offerings will do the same.

Unfortunately, the educational system moves slower that we’d like it to in making these changes. If you are interested in receiving wind training you will have to travel to do so unless you are lucky enough to have one of the schools or program nearby. The effort will pay off, however, as the renewable resource field continues to grow and the demand continues to rise for trained employees.



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