The Top 3 Things a Wind Training Programs Should Know

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Wind energy is now so popular in America that at least six states aim to implement wind training programs from school level through university level. A significant amount of available jobs now are in the wind energy sector, people who have qualifications in this area or any kind of wind training are few and far between, if knowledge of wind energy is introduced into the school system it could mean a whole new source of wind technicians.

istock_000005145669mediumAt university level, wind training in some states will aim to give students hands on practice with existing, small, wind energy projects. Students will still need to learn about things like aero dynamics and other engineering basics if they want a job in wind energy. While plans for future wind training programs are great, the problem is that there is a huge deficit of trained individuals to work in the wind energy sector. Every day new jobs are posted for wind energy technicians and project managers. If you have the time to spare and would like to work in the alternative energy sector then you should get involved with an intensive, short wind training program to facilitate your new career.

In Europe and in the UK wind training is already high on the agenda as countries like Sweden and Germany are well ahead of most other countries in their use of wind power energy. In the UK wind training is offered at every post school level and some universities are even offering doctoral studies in wind energy.

Good wind training programs should provide the individual with sound technical and theoretical knowledge. They should have knowledge of:

  1. Project startup
  2. Project maintenance
  3. Financial costs in setting up and running a wind energy project

istock_000006656466smallAt the moment, many countries, including the United States are thrown back on alternative energy professional companies to provide set up and maintenance of projects. Most states now advertise individual positions in wind energy, especially those who have undergone wind training, because this is more cost effective than hiring a transnational company to run wind energy systems.

If you are seriously considering a career change then now is the time to find out more about wind training as there are so many jobs available in the alternative energy sector, and especially in wind energy projects. At the moment there are plenty of jobs available in this area, but little talent to fill those positions.


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