2 Often Overlooked Ways to Get Wind Energy Training

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istock_000006176692smallA wind institute educated in the precepts of wind technology will teach that the wind is a phenomenon produced by the sun’s uneven heating of the surface of the earth. This surface consists of many different varieties of land and water, making the Earth absorb the sun’s heat at different rates. For example, during the daylight, the air sitting over the land heats up at a quicker pace than the air sitting over the water does. The warm air heated above the land expands and rises, allowing the heavier, cooler air coming over the water to rush in and take its place, thereby creating the movement of the winds. In the night, when there is no sun shining to heat the air, the direction of the wind is reversed when the air cools at a faster rate over the land than over the water. In a similar way, large winds located in the upper atmosphere are created and circle around the world.   Since the land near the equator is heated by the sun more than the land found near the North and South Poles. For this reason, wind is deemed a source of renewable energy, so as long as there is sunlight falling on the earth, the wind will continue to blow.

istock_000009458693smallresizedProspective technicians can get classes from a wind energy institute in a number of ways:


1. Courses in wind technology are being offered by the manufacturers of specific brands of wind turbines and power generation systems to insure that their products are installed according to factory specifications. These courses also aid the dealer/installer in how to best figure the size of the system needed and where to direct a fixed turbine to insure that it gets the most optimum exposure to wind currents to power the system.

2.  A final possibility to get proper training is to take online courses offered by a green institute.  Despite their affiliation with the solar industry, many solar schools do, in fact, teach wind energy training. In addition to online classes in wind training, they schedule hands-on workshops throughout the US to test the participants on practical knowledge of the concepts necessary to be successful in working with wind technology.

More and more business sectors like construction are coming to realize how great a role alternative energy like wind and solar power will play in the coming years. It is likely to be a growth trend that will continue into the foreseeable future. As you can imagine, wind training will result in plenty of job opportunities, particularly as the field of wind technology experiences a deficit in qualified personnel able to install, maintain and repair wind-driven power generation systems.


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