Looking for Wind Career Government Information?

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Anyone looking to pursue a career in the wind industry, there are a surprising number of organizations that function as a green institute or a wind institute which operate as clearinghouses for information on wind energy subjects. Experts are predicting a significant growth in the number and kinds of openings in the wind power industry as more and more homes take advantage of this clean, renewable source of energy which can be used to produce electricity for the American consumer. Labeled as a “green power” by the Department of Energy, wind generation will be one of the cornerstones of the new legislation passed by the government. This legislation is designed to move Americans into a new era of environmentally responsible energy choices being utilized in other countries.

istock_000010820461smallresizedThe American Wind Energy Association is one of the best known organizations operating to provide resources for the Wind Energy industry. As a source of information concerning all things wind power, it provides a comprehensive listing of prospective employers currently looking for employees to fill openings in the wind energy industry. This includes companies that are looking for everything from indoor positions like research engineers to more physical positions like an installer or repairman.

In the public sector, the Department of Energy is a surprising source of information both in renewable energy sources and how generation systems actually operate. They have links to other sites and privately-run wind institutes to further research educational and career opportunities available today. Their jobs database also lists professional jobs that are available in the agency, as well featuring an online automated job application system.


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