Endless Possibilites for Green Homes

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istock_000010608760xsmallThe building and design area for homes and buildings is taking off in a bright new way with incredible new green home building supplies that one could only dream of a few short years ago.  Recycled glass aggregates that are used for terrazzo floor systems or interior paints that are made from soy-based alkyd resin are different from the chemically based products and need to be understood.

While everything that is created from recycled material sounds like a great idea, not all items turn out to be feasible.  Sustainability is the number one detail of any new product and must meet with the seal of approval of various construction organizations and EPA regulations.  Learning about what is necessary to compete in the green home building supply sector does not require a degree in chemistry but does require LEED certification.

LEED certification is the measuring standard for building sustainability in the United States and many other countries that was developed and administered by the US Green Building Council.  The LEED rating system has four different levels for certification in the areas of sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources and indoor environmental quality.  Within these perimeters are a number of other specialties that can make your skill more unique and sought after than someone who is not LEED certified.  You can learn about the available study programs and training requirements of green home building as it becomes more technical and involved with finishes, metals, paints, insulation, thermal/moisture protection, skylights, sun control and a host of many other green home building supplies.

Get the jump on what is ahead in our new green culture so you can keep up with changes that are sure to happen every couple of years.